Law 101

Our Founding Fathers believed that it was self-evident that the God of Nature is the sovereign of the universe and everything in it (as well as mankind) and that He had endowed all mankind with “certain unalienable rights” making them self-directing sovereigns, which means that any governments instituted among men derive their just powers (only) from the consent of the governed, who are the source of earthly power and authority. Hence any attempt to exercise any powers NOT conveyed by the People is unjust and unauthorized, and any act done pursuant to such usurpation of power is void.

1. All are equal under the law.
2. Truth is sovereign.
3. Truth is expressed in the form of Affidavit.
4. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth.
5. An unrebutted affidavit becomes a judgment
6. He who leaves the field of battle first (does not respond to Affidavit) loses by default.
7. Sacrifice is the measure of credibility.
8. A lien or claim can only be satisfied by one of the following actions.
a. A rebuttal Affidavit of Truth, supported by evidence, point-by-point.
b. Payment.
c. Agreement.
d. Resolution by a jury according to the rules of common law.gavel-law


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